Visualizing Your Workflows:

Do you ever try to explain what you’re thinking, but struggle to describe it in a way that your team members understand?

Or maybe you’re trying to map out a workflow to ensure you’ve got all your bases covered, but you want something more official than good old post-it notes….?

Well, I use a 100% FREE tool for this and it’s ‘saved the day’ got me many times over…

Enter…! 🙌

Your visual diagram ‘sidekick’ ready to help you get clarity on your mind-mapping business needs.

As I said, this tech tool is 100% free!

From workflows, to charts and mapping out your customer journey, is ready to serve you.

It’s easy!….

  • Choose your preferred diagram to get started…
  • And once you create your diagram, your work will be saved in Google Drive for ease of access again in the future.

The options are truly endless, but my personal favourite is mapping out an automation, so my clients have a visual system to follow for their latest product launch. Seeing a process mapped out visually, helps to ensure no stone is left unturned, plus it can be shared with all levels of a business team so everyone is on the same page regarding customer communication and what steps in the process are being carried our automatically by the CRM system. Woohoo!

Wait…my second best favourite (am I allowed to have two favourites…?! 🤪) are the ‘swimlane’ diagrams. These valuable visual maps help to provide a visual diagram of your overall customer journey. Where do your customers come from, what happens next in their journey and what further evergreen nurture sequences could they possibly be added to? And for bonus points, swimlane diagrams can often help you spot a black-hole of communication for your customers, which are seriously worth it just for that!

Today’s the day to get your visual customer journey ON TRACK!

Do you have a special business need but you’re not sure if is for you?

Reach out and let’s discuss the available options. My initial intro-calls are fully complimentary and help me to learn more about your needs and we can brainstorm ideas together.

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