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Absolute Automations & Digital team

Most Frequently Asked Questions….

Q: What is an Automation?

Automations are your key to streamlining your business processes and essentially giving you the gift of time! Imagine having a team of ONE….but the strength of MANY! Well, that’s exactly what you can achieve with some simple workflows that will help to do all the heavy lifting for your business! ….Let’s talk about how you can leverage automations in your business today! Fill out your details above and we’ll be back in touch.

Q: My business is new and I don’t know where to start…HELP!

You’re in a very common situation…the overwhelm of starting a new business is real… What website platform should you use, how can you get new clients AND nurture them along the way, how can you capture all your business processes and “Oh My”…how will you handle all of the workload without missing anything!? ….Well, that’s exactly where we come in! We’ll be happy to have a complimentary introductory call where we can learn about the stage you’re in currently and make some recommendations about the ‘tech stack’ that can best suit your needs. Simply fill out your details above, and we’ll be in touch to organize a call via zoom.

Q: How can I work with you?

We offer individual hourly rates for ad-hoc builds, day rates for concentrated work, and also bespoke packages to work on more detailed projects. The best next step is to fill out your information on our Contact Us page above, and then we can have a call to discuss how best we can assist.

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