Scale Your Business: Smart CRM Solutions With Ontraport

Want to know my favourite Ontraport CRM features?

It’s easy…it all revolves around the Dynamic CMS!


Because it’s been an absolute GAME CHANGER in the transformation of small business success!

But that’s not all!

In fact I wanted to take a moment and share MY 5 FAVOURITE FEATURES which I use everyday to enhance Ontraport accounts far and wide.

From dynamic landing pages, to their powerful CRM system and super personalized custom objects, it’s no wonder Ontraport’s consistently being recognized as a leader in the Marketing Automation space!

So, let’s tap into the exact REAL WORLD examples I use daily….

  • Dynamic CMS – for dynamic blocks and templates
  • Conditional Display blocks – for website customization
  • Custom Objects – to literally build anything your heart desires
  • Reactions – Many-to-Many Relationships – for some pretty cool website personalization
  • Merge fields – customization of landing pages & emails

Now, let’s look at each of them one-by-one…

Calling out UP FRONT that the Dynamic CMS is an ‘add-on’ to the standard Ontraport plan, but it’s 100% worth it and MORE! Gone are the days of creating a separate landing page for every post, article or lesson you want to share. Create one template, load your records, press publish, and BOOM your individual landing pages, with their own unique URL is populated, and ready to use.

Dynamic blocks then add an increased layer of personalization and SPEED. Create one block, configure what records you want it to show, and DONE, your customized block appears at the click of a button.

These can be used within the Dynamic CMS, but also just on normal landing pages too. They allow you to personalize WHO you show WHAT to. Let’s say you want to offer a Flash Sale or Special Membership Promo, but you don’t want to show it to current members. This is a perfect use-case for Conditional Display Blocks!

WOW!…I seriously don’t know where to start with describing the power of custom objects, but honestly, you could pretty much build ANYTHING you can think of!

Without getting too ‘techy’…Custom Objects give you the ability to have relational databases across different parts of your business, with ‘parent’ and ‘child’ object records, and customized ‘relationships’ between the two to handle their related associations.

Think of…

  • Courses & Lessons
  • Events & Registrations
  • Blogs & Blog Comments

And the list (and potential) is LIMITLESS!

This is a relatively new feature as far as Ontraport goes, and I LOVE IT! Reactions give you the ability for your Contact records to ‘interact’ with a custom object record and once they do, a ‘many-to-many relationship’ is formed. For example…you have Courses & Lessons and you want your Students to mark their lessons as ‘completed’ along the way. Or, maybe you have Blog records, and you want your website visitor to ‘favourite’ the Blogs they want to come back to, or ‘upvote’ Blogs they love.

This is where the customization get’s interesting and EVERGREEN! I love love LOVE being able to write an email ONCE and then put my system on auto-drive using smart automations.

And with ‘merge fields’ in your emails and landing pages, you can do exactly that!

Inserting a merge field like [First Name] or [Membership End Date] or [Lesson Name] or [Article Name] means you no longer have to hand write bespoke emails for your customers. Once and DONE!

Plus, merge fields can be used in landing pages to truly customize the user experience. Think of personalized Membership Portals, and literally any Dynamic Template can pull from ANY field in your account, BOOM!

Using ALL of these features together will seriously sky-rocket your business success! Think customized and personalized experiences for all your clients, smooth and streamlined builds in the back end of your system, and speed of execution for you and your team, saving you time and money!

Seriously a ‘no brainer’ when it comes to small business ownership RIGHT!?

So why not make your life easier?

Reach out today and let’s chat through Ontraport’s rich feature set and how it can help you!

Or click this link to learn more and signup to Ontraport now.

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