How to make MONEY from Automations…

So, you’re wondering how Automations can actually make you money?

Don’t worry, I get asked this question all the time!

And it’s an important one…Why? Because as a small business owner, the last thing you need is a new task on your list that may/may not help you generate more revenue.

It’s easy to think “It’s alright, I can just do it myself”

Or “My systems are ‘working’ fine, why should I change…?”

Well, have you considered the HOURS you could save or the untapped business you’re currently leaving on the table by trying to ‘do it all YOURSELF’?

I’m going to get straight into it, as the main reason I writing this weeks article is to save YOU time after all, so here are the BEST ways that automations can add value to your business:

  • Save YOU time by automating repetitive tasks
  • Optimize your lead generation efforts
  • Nurture and engage with current Contacts
  • Integrate several tech tools for streamlined success
  • Build your online presence

And if you want to get down into the nitty gritty, then keep reading as I breakdown each of these areas in detail, and provide you a couple of QUICK and tangible ways you can implement these into your business TODAY!

How can you use the strength of automations to clear the clutter of your to-do list? Write down a list of your most repetitive tasks. There is a very good chance that most of these items can be automated. Think about…

  • Setting up an automated email reply when your customers buy one of your products
  • Adding a calendar scheduling tool onto your website ‘Contact Us’ page so people can book time directly into your calendar
  • Send an automated invoice from your CRM system once someone buys your product or service
  • Automatically add access to your membership site via a fulfillment automation, and send your new customer their username & password for INSTANT access to your website content

Are you tapping into and leveraging your lead generation efforts? Don’t leave any stone unturned, it’s time to START NOW!

  • Create a ‘freebie’ download for your social media & website, where you use automations to send fulfilment and follow-up emails to find out how you can provide further assistance to their needs
  • Create an ‘abandoned cart’ workflow to share more details about your products or services for those Contacts who visited your sales pages but didn’t end up purchasing a product or service
  • Send an automated email to your new customer offering them to ‘Bring A Friend’ and get a discount or referral fee for their efforts

Have you taken the time to build your email list but now you’re letting them go stale because you don’t have the time to create new content every time someone joins? Stop thinking SMALL!

  • Create an ‘evergreen’ nurture sequence that automatically runs when a new Contact is added to your database. This could be a welcome email sequence, or weekly Blog articles which are evergreen in nature, so the new Contact starts at Email #1 and moves through the sequence getting more familiarised with your companies ‘M.O’ and why they should LOVE YOU 😊
  • Setup automated workflows to nurture your leads once they make enquiries or RSVP to your events. Things like…automated reminder emails for events or calls they’ve booked, or an automated email sent two days after they purchase one product, giving them a coupon code for 50% off something else that you offer….Enter the world of the EASY upsell! Boom!

Gone are the days of hand typing information from platform to platform. I get it, these platforms all perform a slightly different piece of your small business puzzle, but it doesnt need to be that time intensive. It’s time to INTEGRATE!

  • Use internal (native) integration tools available to most CRM systems to action the next follow-up step in your customer workflow
  • OR go advanced, and use external integration tools like Zapier or Pabbly Connect to do the smarts for you and put your integrations on OVERDRIVE! The possibilities are unless…Think about…
    • Automatically adding new Contacts to your database when someone new joins your Facebook Group
    • Send your team a Slack message or Asana task when a new product or service is purchased on your website
    • Honestly I could keep going for hours on this one…but seriously, if you can think it…it can be integrated and automated!

Now this one is HUGELY important! You might think you can be in all the places, all at once but…you really can’t and REALLY shouldn’t try to be! It’s time to consider…

  • Adding a tool like Publer to your tech stack where you can automate the scheduling of your social media posts across MULTIPLE platforms in advance, Woohoo!
  • Tap into advanced AI to create imagery, video, or even website & social media chatbots…WOW! There are sooo many new possibilities coming out each and everyday to help make things easy for YOU!

And finally…

If you implement even just half of what you’ve read above, then you get back MORE time to be present in your business, and that’s where it counts!

In fact you can do anything you want with all this extra time – online, offline or not even thinking about your business AT ALL…because it’ll all be automated, smoothly running in the background without you needing to lift a finger.

Just like MAGIC!

Interested to learn more? Reach out today and let’s chat about automations and how we can get your business on autopilot TODAY!

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