6 Fast & FREE Tech Tools to Simplify Your Life

Let’s face it…simply tech tools make life sooo much easier!

My favourite thing is finding a brand new FREE tool that simplifies something I do, it’s like Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄

From easy to install google chrome extensions, through to platforms requiring a quick signup, I use a multitude of tools to help me do what I do, and the BEST part, my most favourite ones are completely FREE!

Who doesnt love a bit of FREE tech when they’re just starting out after all?!

Now, these tools take no time at all to install and implement, so really are the most simple to use:

  • Go Full Pagehttps://gofullpage.com/
    • Have you ever wanted to show someone what a full landing page looks like, and maybe you’ve gone to take a screenshot, and oops the whole thing won’t fit. Well, Go Full Page solves that for you. It’s a google chrome extension you can install, and at the click of a button…BOOM, your landing page screenshot is ready to be shared!
  • Loom Screen Recorderhttps://www.loom.com/products/chrome-screen-recorder
    • Do you have the need to share small videos showing examples of your screen? Loom is a great tool to do this, and as another google chrome extension, again it’s easy to access and start recording today!
  • Emojipediahttps://emojipedia.org/
    • This is exactly how it’s called – it’s your encyclopedia for Emoji’s, making it super simple to add a few extra touches to your emails and website landing pages. Woohoo!
  • Font Awesomehttps://fontawesome.com/search
    • Similar to the above, Font Awesome helps you add some extra flare to your websites with HTML code for a tonne of different icons.
  • Dateful Timezone Converterhttps://dateful.com/time-zone-converter
    • This one is more so for people running events or communicating with clients abroad. Instead of trying to do crazy calculations to convert GMT across the board, simply type in the two times and DONE! Your times convert perfectly for you!
  • Date Duration Counterhttps://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html
    • Again, this one would be more so for people running events, where you can give a ‘countdown’ of days to your upcoming event. Put your scientific calculators (or finger counting 🤣) away and head straight to this website, no sign-up needed!

And there you have it! My TOP 6 Fast & Free Tech Tools to help you simplify your life!

What did you think?

I’d love to hear if you have any tools that are simple and easy ‘no brainers’ in your life…drop me an email here.

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