Your Brand Presence on OVERDRIVE: Clarity is KEY!

Are you wondering why your business isn’t getting the traction you planned for?

Maybe you’re scratching your head and just can’t work it out…

Well, I can tell you something I see ALL the time! And this is almost guaranteed to be your issue too…

Enter: Lack of clarity and alignment on your exact brand!

Think about all those mismatched business names and logo’s you’ve developed along the way…All those different colours, font styles and different mission statements…

No wonder you feel a bit lost with what your business represents…imagine how your clients feel!

Almost every conversation I’ve had in the last couple of months has started the same…

ME: Do you have a ‘brand kit’ where all of your logos, colours, hero shots and font styles are saved?
CLIENT: Eeeek….not really…..OR wait, there is a bit saved in X and some more saved in X and sometimes we do this, but other times we do that…

Oh dear… 😲

It’s time to knuckle down and clean this all up once and for all!

Now, there are some really easy QUICK WINS you can introduce without too much heavy lifting at all. Things like:

  • Decide on your FINAL business name and logo (and ensure you’re appropriately registered ofcourse). Once you’ve done that, clear the clutter and ARCHIVE (or delete) everything else!
  • Decide on your FINAL brand colours and font styles. Document them and ensure they are being used cohesively across ALL your channels and content
  • Ensure you have updated headshots and solidify your key hero shot/s. What do you want your brand to be known for? P.S…headshots from 20 years ago seriously don’t count anymore!
  • Update (or order) new Business Cards that match your new brand colours and style

Once these items are sorted, you can move onto Level 2!

It’s where you tackle more advanced aspects about how you’re brand presence is showcased to your market, and can often truly set you aside from your competitors!

  • Automate the repurposing of content across your social media channels, so your brand is in the right place at the RIGHT time, without you needing to do all the heavy lifting EVERY time
  • Create a Super Signature that can be added to your emails with your ‘top tips’, freebies and special discount offers. Unless you actually tell your clients, how will they know what else you offer?
  • Create a ‘Google My Business’ profile to let the world know how to find you, and what you do
  • Setup and automate an ‘evergreen’ nurture sequence to showcase your blogs, newsletters or YouTube videos as people enter your atmosphere
  • And one of my favourites…Ensure you have an ‘About Us’ section on your website which shares YOUR story! Remember that YOU are your X-factor and why you do what you do, is immensely important to set you apart from your competitors

In fact, this needs to be done up front, all before you even start thinking of your business name, logo and colours.

You must must MUST determine your ideal Client Avatar up front. This is…who will your business be serving. What are their goals, their fears and their biggest pain points. Until you determine this, it’ll be very difficult to correctly target ANYTHING as you develop your brand

NOW, if everything I’ve mentioned above makes you want to run for the hills, then don’t stress! It’s all about taking this one step at a time, and that’s what I’m here to help you with.

And if you’re ready to shoot for the stars but need extra special HELP in the branding space, I have a team I can refer to you to who are absolute ROCKSTARS in this space!

Reach out TODAY and let’s chat about getting your brand clarity sorted once and for all, so you can truly showcase your business, the way it deserves!

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