Tactical Tech: Building a Courses & Lessons Platform (in a weekend!)

I remember when I first started specializing in the tech and systems space, I was SO afraid of making a mistake. So much so that I would simply get stuck in my tracks, and NOT dive into a new setup, out of the fear of royally ‘screwing things up’…

Especially when it came to custom objects and doing anything with an API/webhook….the fear was REAL!

I was always wishing there was a simple ‘how to’ guide to show me through the advanced stuff…

YES, there are API docs and super techy coding processes out there to follow, but what about guides for the non-techy minds? Someone who didn’t study coding at school, or move onto IT/Tech at University?

Fast forward to now, and I want to help fill that gap!

Enter….“TACTICAL TECH” where I’ll be sharing quick guides and super ‘non-flashy’ videos (sorry in advance!) that share the simple ‘how to’ steps to create what you need.

First cab off the rank…

This is perfect for the Mentors and Coaches out there who want to add value back into their community, but aren’t sure how to share your value, showcase your offering and harness your experience.

A Courses & Lessons platform not only provides somewhere your audience can buy a new product from you (YAY!), but it also covers off on the fulfilment aspect, where your new students can access your content, learning videos, resources and MORE.

Now, my tech tool of choice here is Ontraport, as I find their pre-built custom objects SUPER easy to implement.

I’ve shared a couple of short videos on this previously but now it’s time to go deep to show you their super easy ‘plug and play’ setup, and get this going for you all before the end of the weekend. Yippee!

Now, I know I’ve gone through all of that at SUPER speed but I hope it’s been somewhat helpful to have a sneak peek on the inside and see how easy the Ontraport Courses & Lessons App really is. Not scary at all right!?

If you’re not yet an Ontraport user, but you’re keen to dive in and test out the platform, then you can start a 14-day free trial here

Or, if you’re keen but what I’ve shown you here makes you want to run for the hills (Eeek!) then reach out and let’s chat!

Contact me today for a free intro call where we can discuss your needs and how I can assist to setup and streamline your small business processes, and give your community back the value they truly need.

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