Pretty vs Functional…Websites 101

Let me ask you….

Do you know where your website ‘Call To Action’ buttons actually lead for your clients?

More importantly, do you know WHERE to place them on your website and WHY?!

I have conversations with new small business owners all the time and I often hear the same words…

“I think I get an email when the button’s clicked”

Or even…”Wait…what’s a Call To Action button…”

Oh dear… 🫣

When it comes to creating a successful online presence, businesses often focus on having a visually appealing website, with all their pretty colours, headlines and logos….and while aesthetics play a crucial role, the true power of a GREAT website lies in its functionality, and at the heart of this functionality is the ‘Call To Action’ (CTA) button, and the subsequent workflow doing all the heavy lifting in the background for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, mastering the art of CTA buttons can HUGELY elevate your online presence and bring in new leads, you would have never even known existed otherwise.

  1. Your customer goes to your website landing page, where they can either:
    • Fill out their details (First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile # and their message) OR
    • Your calendar is directly embedded into the landing page, so they can book a call in your next available spot…Boom!
  2. Once the call time is chosen, your Calendar Scheduler sends your customer a calendar invite via email, with the dial-in details
  3. Your CRM system then tags your new customer as a ‘Lead’ and sends you a notification via email to alert you of the new Lead…And here come the cream on top…. 🍨
  4. Your new Lead is added to the top of an email Nurture Sequence, like your latest and greatest Blog articles, so they can start receiving an email from you each and EVERY week, without you even lifting a finger at the time!


Now that’s just ONE example of a potential workflow you could implement into your business automations.

Call To Action buttons (and the workflows that follow) are more than just pretty elements on your website; they are essential drivers of user engagement and new lead conversion. By understanding their significance and strategically implementing them in the RIGHT locations, you can enhance your digital automation efforts and create a seamless experience across every layer of your business.

Placing your CTA buttons strategically on your website can be a game-changer!

While it’s tempting to use a TONNE of CTA buttons throughout your website, it’s essential to be intentional and guide your website visitors to a clear path.

If you have a sales landing page, consider placing your primary CTA above the fold, where it is easily visible without the need for scrolling. At a minimum though, a great location is on the footer of each page, ensuring that they complement the content and provide relevant options for your audience.

Mastering the simple art-form of creating a functional website is a QUICK WIN for any highly successful small business owner.

I beg of you….

If you implement nothing more on your new website when you’re just starting out, then please tie-up the loose ends of it’s functionality….its a Digital Automation ‘no brainer’ in my books!

Reach out HERE and let’s setup a time to chat about simplifying your business today ✨

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