Conquering Your Time & Screen-Life Balance

Do you ever feel glued to your screen 24/7 as a small business owner? Going from one screen to the next as you try to conquer all the to-dos each day is throwing your way….

Screen ‘health’ is of the upmost importance these days and effective Time Management is at the core of getting it RIGHT!

So, how can you do it better?

….using ‘SMART’ Tech & Systems to do some of the heavy lifting for you!

Let’s dive into what that can look like….

If you’re like me when I first started, I was trying to manage one system for this, and one system for that…having an awful screen-life balance and just simply feeling like I was working ALL THE TIME just to keep up….

I’m here to remind you that there is a better way!

There are a TONNE of great ways to get a better ‘screen-life’ balance back and they changes don’t need to be hard, but hands down these simple tools and ideas will add IMMENSE value to your life….

  • CRM Systems – a SUPERSTAR CRM must be at the top of your list here! It’ll not only do most of the heavy lifting for you as you conquer your tasks using the smarts of automations, but it can also help you tap into your hottest clients and never leave one stone unturned in your sales process and customer journey.
  • Project & Task Management Tools – these platforms are your secret key to getting that never ending list of to-do’s out of your brain. Adding all your to-do’s to a tool like Asana or Notion, and giving them a due date will give you the confidence (and order) that you need to stay on top of your key priorities, all at the very right moment.
  • Time Tracking – are you a consultant who’s unsure of the hours you’re spending on each and every task, so you just put in more and more work above and beyond the original scope?…Eeek! I often get caught feeling like this too, and I’ve found it’s been super important to track my time, not only so I can quote better, but also so I can get my screen health back on track. There are a tonne of fancy time tracking tools out there depending on your needs, but a simple excel / google sheet may also do the trick!
  • Time Blocking – this is a KEY HERO in my screen-life balance journey. It might sound a bit funny, but I block meetings with MYSELF 🙂 I start my day by cross checking my to do list, I decide on the ‘deep work’ I need to spend time on, and I block my time, with myself…religiously! Then as I move through the day, I remind myself of my key deliverables, and simply just keeping to this schedule helps me seriously CLEAR the clutter.
  • Alarms – another funny one are my mobile phone alarms. Often they work in conjunction with my ‘Time Blocking’ practice above, but other times they are simply a 12noon alarm for lunch, or a 4pm alarm to walk my puppy dog (Hi Harvey!)…Don’t be afraid to set meetings with yourself for fitness and time away from the screen too!

Hard work IS important BUT sometimes it doesn’t need to be hard FOR YOU….

AND NOW for some extra bonus points….

This is your reminder to take care of your mental & physical health along the way too!

Drinking more water, taking regular breaks, and getting in your 30mins of daily exercise per day should all be at the TOP of your list. Because if you take care of YOU first, then you’ll have the passion, energy and headspace to give back to your clients.

I’m looking forward to hearing how you implement these simple tools into your life.

Reach out and let’s have a chat about how systems could be working harder for you today!

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